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Lip Blushing: A Safe & Effective Way to Tint & Contour Your Lips

Some of my oldest and greatest beauty tips have come from my best friend since elementary school, Katelyn, who also happens to be a brilliant makeup/brow/lash artist and owner of Highbrow & Rouge in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I remember the first time she introduced me to Sephora, and when she showed me how to use lip color for rouge, just as her grandma taught her. I've always looked up to Katelyn when it comes to beauty, it only makes sense that she continues to show me even more ways to explore makeup through her passion and business.

More recently I had the most amazing experience at Katelyn's studio learning the magic of permanent lip tinting, also called lip blushing:

What impressed you about lip blushing when you were learning the technique?

I loved the idea of waking up with out having to put on lipstick. I thought it was amazing that there was a treatment that could help correct asymmetries in the shape that wouldn’t just wash away. It’s not always as superficial as it seems. There are clients that want to be seen for lip blushing and pigmentation to camouflage scars and burns. I think the prospect of learning this impressed me the most.

How long does it last and how often should you get touch ups?

It lasts an average of 1-3 years with the recommendation of a touch up after the lips have completely healed (around 2 months post treatment).

Who would you recommend lip blushing for?

The service is excellent for clients that have lips that are too light, too dark, asymmetrical, uneven color, those with scars or burns on the lips, or those who just don’t want to put on there favorite color everyday. I wouldn’t recommend it to guests who are darker skinned on the Fitzpatrick scale 5 and beyond.

When Katelyn asked me to be a model for this service there was no question, anything to support my dearest friend and get this really exciting lip treatment. I was a bit nervous since I had never done anything like lip blushing, but Katelyn totally reassured me with testimonials she provided beforehand about the technique.

At Highbrow and Rouge, Katelyn uses vegan pigments from Alice Cosmetic Ink, which are basically tattooed onto the lining and body of the lips. This not only provides a lovely new tint, it also contours the lips which was my favorite part!

My initial lip blush treatment was in December of 2018 and then touch up in Summer of 2019. Both times my lips appeared more defined and fuller. Not like lip injections fuller, but plump and pouty in a way that looks and feels natural.

Before the lip blushing began, Katelyn prepped my lips by applying a numbing agent. During the session she checked in with me a few times to see how I was feeling. Overall it was fairly gentle/minimally invasive and I felt almost nothing. After the treatment Katelyn did a lymphatic massage on my lips and the area around my mouth to help with any swelling (which felt so amazing!). For aftercare she provided a vegan balm that would help my lips stay nourished during the healing process, and I was told to use straws with my coffee and to avoid spicy foods to keep my lips happy and protect the pigment until my lips were done healing.

When I went back for my touch up, we went for an ombre effect which was so so beautiful (see above). The second treatment took less time, and I loved the new pigment that she used.

This is one of the best beauty treatments I've ever had, and I highly recommend paying Katelyn a visit.

For more info on permanent makeup like lip blushing, and the services offered at Highbrow & Rouge, check it out here.

Portland, OR