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Medicine from the Earth, for your Skin: Apoterra Skincare Review

The healing power of plants continues to amaze me. In the day-to-day skincare routine this can get lost at times, at least on the days where my energy is a bit lower and my time is more crunched. However when I am using products that my skin is really calling for, formulations from the earth that have truly been made as medicine for the mind and body; I quickly, viscerally, remember the deep support that plants offer.

The products I recently had the pleasure of trying from Apoterra Skincare showed me some beautiful new plants blends that I hadn't yet built relationships with, and very much enjoyed.

Neroli Clarifying Toner: This toner is a true powerhouse of neroli, rock rose, immortelle, Vitamin C, thyme, aloe, willow bark and green tea. Literally everything that is good for inviting and maintaining clear/happy skin. Don't let the medicinal smell of this toner deter you, it sells like hot cakes for a reason; it's a beautiful, extremely well thought-out formulation designed to treat inflammation, heal, and protect against the elements.Discount code: GreenBeautyExchange10

Wild Carrot & Complexion Soap: Where to begin with how much I love this soap, and I don't love soaps, I even avoid them because they don't feel as good to use as other cleansers, but this one! I really enjoy using pumpkin to cook because it's so so good for you, and now we have a soap with pumpkin pulp and pumpkin seed oil that leaves the skin feeling cleansed and soft. Now this does have coconut oil, and carrot seed oil which at times can be tricky for skin that is prone to breakouts, but my skin did totally good with it. You never know until you try! This product has made me look at coconut oil in skincare a bit differently.

Night Regenerative Balm: This balm, is, so, lovely! It's quite the dream for breakouts with ingredients like Rosehip, Prickly Pear, Vitamin C, Turmeric extract, Pomegranate, and Immortelle, and Sea Buckthorn. The smell is so warming and it feels so soft on my skin. It's just the right amount of hydrate and heal. This can also be used to up your antioxidant dose, as well as CoQ10 to give your collagen some love.

Night Clarifying Treatment with Chamomile & Sea Buckthorn: Similar to the night balm, this oil serum packs a lot of healing power. Some of my favs in this formulation Blue Chamomile (friend of Blue Tansy), CoQ10, Tamanu, Pomegranate, Immortelle, Comfrey, and Elderberry. I really enjoy seeing herbs and berries in serums that I've used in tea or medicinal elixers before so comfrey and elderberry were a happy surprise on top of the other excellent ingredients offered here.

I was able to catch up with Dominique Caron, founder of Apoterra and learn a little from her wealthy of knowledge as an herbalist and aromatherapist:

With so many natural acne healing herbs and essential oils in the green beauty market, how did you go about choosing your key ingredients like Blue Chamomile, Tamanu, Pomegranate, Elderberry, Prickly Pear, Immortelle, and Neroli?

When it comes to formulating my products, I choose ingredients based on their proven efficacy in helping heal and strengthen the skin. I choose ingredients that work synergetically together to achieve a desired result. In the case of the Clarify line - the desired result in less inflammation, clear pores, a healthier microbiome and skin barrier, and ultimately less break outs. Other factors that play a role in choosing ingredients is their safety and sustainability. I am a huge believer in a holistic approach to skin care, and keeping the health of our body and planet in mind is equally important to me as achieving results.

Which of your products do you feel is the most supportive when it comes to acne prone skin?

When it comes to acne prone skin, our Neroli Toner and Night Clarifying Treatment are my go to. These two are a powerful duo that really helps to reduce inflammation and reduce the occurence of clogged pores, which can result in break outs. The key ingredients are green tea, thyme, linalool, and sea buckthorn - all powerhouse ingredients to help clear break outs and promote healthier skin.

Your 5-part blog series is so informative, and your philosophy on breakouts is amazing. I can tell this is something that is close to your heart. What was it exactly that drew you to developing skin clearing products?

Thank you so much! Acne and skin health is something that is personal to me. I personally struggled with dry/combo skin and hormonal break outs for over a decade. I perpetually had acne or acne marks on my skin, as well as redness and dry, flaky skin. Being someone that doesn't like wearing makeup, this really bothered me! So when I started studying herbalism and aromatherapy, I was drawn to creating products that would help solve my personal skin issues. Since formulating my products, I have not had any major break outs (so that is about 5 years now with clear, healthy skin!)

Discount code: GreenBeautyExchange10

For more skincare inspiration I definitely recommend the Apoterra blog, it's such a great read.

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