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Evidence Based Natural Beauty: FITGLOW

May 15, 2018


It almost feels like fate that I stumbled upon FITGLOW BEAUTY. My work as a clinical researcher and passion for green beauty truly go hand in hand when it comes to this beautiful evidence based clean beauty skincare/makeup line.  The Fitglow culture is rooted in plant-based formulations supported by research that have proven results when it comes to the safety/efficacy of plant powered ingredients in skincare. Fitglow makes the extra effort to ensure their formulations are stable, meaning the liposome plant stem cells used in their products are pure, in tact, and at the best concentration to support skin health.


Since trying their Vita Active foundation for the first time a few months ago, I have been so curious about exploring more of the line. It's not every day that you find a foundation that has high quality non-toxic ingredients backed by science, is formulated to be both stable and effective (and actually is), scores a 0 on the Think Dirty app scale, doesn't have any ingredients that are potentially tricky for acne-prone skin, AND it wears beautifully! 


Shortly after my new found love for this brand, Beauty Hero's featured

Fitglow as their February Beauty Box discovery. The two products included were quick favorites: the Cloud Comfort Cream and the Redness Rescue Cream (from their Calm skincare line). Given that my skin is combo/sensitive and turns red easily, I was very interested to see what these soothing plant extracts could do.


The Cloud Comfort Cream smells delicate, floral, and sweet, and feels like rose petals. Since I rarely have dryness, I use it in the AM if I have more redness/congestion than usual, but really mostly at night when my skin needs to replenish and repair. I was a bit apprehensive about using this since there's also shea butter in the formulation, which I have heard can be problematic for acne prone skin, however a few weeks into use I've had no added congestion. With healing  key ingredients like cloudberry, arnica, chia, meadow foam seed oil, calm allantoin liposome, and gotu kola, you really can't go wrong.


While I've never been one for primers, the Redness Rescue Cream has the best formulation I've tried so far for skin prep. Although it doesn't counteract my stubborn redness really, it's the perfect cooling treatment before makeup, and has some amazing ingredients for acne-prone skin (grapeseed oil, zinc oxide) plus some extra antioxidant and cellular repair love from wakame bioferment and C3. 


The most recent in my FG routine is the Eye Bright concealer, which totally stumped me after months of thinking I only wanted a liquid green beauty concealer. This cream formulation like all FG products, is backed by science and immediately impressive. This has been the only green beauty concealer (that doesn't have coconut in it) to really brighten my dark circles, and it mostly remains in place all day, with small reapplication here and there depending on how sleep deprived I am and if I've over done it with setting powder. But really, every time I use it I feel like I'm helping to support the health of my oh so delicate under eye area. Caffeine, plant peptides, avocado oil, and phytosterols (antioxidants) work to depuff, brighten, and nourish. I even use this on blemishes, and any hyperpigmentation form old breakouts because it works so so well.


The best part of it all is that instead of testing on animals, Fitglow tries products on humans, before they are brought to market. I was chatting with Nina, FG Makeup Artist and Product Specialist, about some products from their Age Clear line (next up on my list to research) and she mentioned that she served as the test subject for new/redeveloped products. The fact that this brand tests products on skin that they products were intended for, totally seals the deal for me.


In addition to trying the Age Clear line the products I am looking to try next are:


The Vita Youth Oil: a natural retinol!

The Vita Rich Creme: another natural retinol!!

Cloud Boost Serum: hydrating, smoothing, and repairing


I may just go through even item in every line.







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