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Topical & Internal Skincare with Province Apothecary founder, Julie Clark

Every green beauty brand has a story. Not just the information in “About” sections and beauty interviews, but an extensive journey rooted in the experiences of the founder. It’s through a founder’s love of self-care, herbalism, aromatherapy and pure compassion, that we have access to such amazing products that quite literally change lives.

One such beauty brand that has resonated with me for some time is Province Apothecary.

I recently spoke with founder, Julie Clark, about her story and her love for organic plant based skincare, and I continue to be blown away by what she has created.

It was Julie’s struggle with severe eczema that led her to look for a natural way to heal her own skin instead of using conventional steroids. Once Province Apothecary began to take shape Julie felt inspired by a number of clients who were also experiencing hormonal acne, and so she expanded the brand and creating The Clear Skin line- my current obsession.

One of the things that’s makes Julie such a change maker in the field of clean beauty is that she looks at the skin as a two-way system; where we can’t just do everything topically because our internal health is where the real results are. When Julie mentioned methods for internal skincare health she wasn't referring to injestibles or adaptogens of any kind, but rather skincare techniques; her favorites being facial massage, and dry brushing. These methods work with clearing the interstitium, the fluid just beneath the skin where nutrient exchange takes place. Essentially physical massage and the effect of dry brushing help to stimulate/increase blood flow and support superficial lymph functioning so that we can avoid stagnation and congestion.

"Massage and self-love is an easy place to start"

Where there is so much to consider in terms of how we can best care for our skin, Julie shared that the first thing she would recommend over any product is facial massage because it’s something that everyone can do. The Province Apothecary video on face lift massage truly shifted the relationship I have with my skin, and it’s something I do every day now!

When you’ve got the facial massage down, then you can begin experimenting with dry brushing as another support for skin heath:

While The Daily Glow Facial Dry Brush is not vegan, it is completely cruelty-free. Julie works with a company in Sweden, IRIS HANTVERK, that does not harm the goats in any way when sourcing the brush bristles. She absolutely did her research over a number of years to find the most eco-friendly, soft, cruelty-free, responsibility sourced brush. The brand Julie works with is comprised of a co-op of craftsmen that sew the brushes by hand, in partnership with foresters that put great care and consideration into how they bring everything together to from packing and shipping to how it is brought to market.

"Find out what's doable. Start practicing self love during self care."

When we broke things down a bit more and I shared my current skincare regimen and concerns (hormonal acne, redness, skin texture), Julie shared some thoughts and suggestions that I couldn't agree with more:

  • Cleansing is literally the most important thing you can do for your skin every day.

  • If your skin is acne prone, the ingredients to avoid are coconut oil and shea/coco butter which are generally the biggest triggers for congestion.

  • Avoid over stimulating the skin with too much exfoliation. To heal the skin from redness and stress the Zinc balm is a great option.

  • Find the products that work for you and use the consistently.

  • How you apply a product is just as important as the product itself.

  • Night time is the best time for your skin to breathe, and that’s where you can make a big difference.

I am so excited to share more on my experience with self massage, dry brushing, and the clear skin products! In the mean time keep an eye out for some new Province Apothecary skin care items set to launch this July!

Portland, OR