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A Natural Perfume That Transforms

March 22, 2018

After a lovely matcha date with Shanell, creator of Zabana Essentials, she brought me to a green beauty shop nestled in North Park, San Diego called Shop/Good. This shop in particular carries a lot of local brands, like the clean beauty skincare line Zabana Essentials, and a new natural fragrance brand I just discovered called Veyali.



Once I stocked up on some Zabana goodness I noticed Veyali in it's lovely little green and gold packaging,  and had to smell it because it was already beautiful I thought, it must be good! I smelled both signature scents, CIELO (desert herbs, magnolia, amyris, sandalwood) and OLIYA (frankincense, citrus, jasmine, ambrette), and after seeing how they transformed on my skin, OILYA absolutely came home with me to Portland. 



I later had the chance to catch up with the founder of Veyali, Gina Benedetto, to talk a bit about her line and the story behind her botanical alchemy:


How did Veyali come to be? What does Veyali mean?


Three years ago I felt the pull to create a product for myself. I’ve always been sensitive to synthetic fragrance and was immediately drawn to the history and beauty of natural perfumery. I wanted to create a perfume my body and spirit could feel good wearing.


Veyali is a word I created myself. I imagined a short, exotic sounding word and this is what came to me!


When you were creating the two scents what was your vision for each?


I had pretty clear visions for what I wanted them to be. CIELO is my homage to Southern California. Ever since I moved out here ten years ago, I absolutely adore the scent of our fresh, desert air. Herbs wafting in the air, with a burst of uplifting lemon. Standing in this sunshine beneath expansive blue skies is what I wanted CIELO to convey. 


OLIYA came from a more mysterious place. I imagined an altar with soft curls of incense rising in the air. Grapefruit and fragrant jasmine blossoms nestled nearby. It’s a warming scent that's both intoxicating and grounding.


What do you love most about natural perfumes?


I am in awe with so many aspects of natural perfumes this it’s hard to pick what I love most! What I do find very powerful is that no matter where you are, natural perfumes instantly connect the wearer to nature. To the feelings and sensations that arise from breathing in fresh, outdoor air. Humans thrive best when connected to nature, and natural perfumes help keep this relationship alive.


What's next for Veyali? 


Gosh! I just launched two months ago, so I’d love to reach more people and have them experience Veyali. In my experience, perfume is one of the last items that’s considered when swapping out beauty products for cleaner versions. My passion is offering an all natural alternative for those considering such a swap. 


For more on this lovely brand and the process behind understanding the journey of natural ingredients  check out the Veyali Instagram!


For more on the local green beauty San Diego skincare line that has become by new favorite, check out Zabana Essentials here

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