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Ritual & Research

February 10, 2018


How much can ritual and research really be a part of a skincare routine? I used to think ritual was just for masking, or the spa. And research is just for learning about what's in products and where things are sourced from. But it's much MUCH more than that. As I slow down at the end of the day, and beginning of the day for that matter, I'm finding that there is space for ritual every time I use a product. Moreover there is also space for research because if I am not learning from what different herbs and oils do to my skin, I am not going to be truly informed about how to best care for my skin.


There are so many amazing visionaries in the green beauty community, and I am constantly inspired by many of them! One such leader in the field that has recently peeked my interest in  when it comes to my efforts to better understand my skin health, is Jeannie Jernot, founder of Beauty Hero's. As I was researching new lines, it was Jeannie's reference to take the time to be mindful about the selecting a few products that truly resonate as beauty hero's. So instead of craving more products, it's helpful to slow down and see skincare as an act of being kind and mindful to your skin each time you come in contact with it. Through this perspective I noticed a connection of research and ritual; the act of finding the things that truly work best for my skin, and when I find them using them as medicine. 


When trying new green beauty on my skin, it's like finding a new way to connect with how different ingredients serve the health of my skin each time. Now it seems almost innate to be more gentle with your skin when using something like a cleansing oil that smells lovely, or a mask that feels lux, but that delicate mindful application can exist with every product. And so I've re-discovered my skincare routines through the use of ritual. From the moment I use each product I'm looking to find what it is about the items that I resonate with. Through the combined inspiration from Jeannie and Laurel, I am finding my hero products through my own slow beauty journey. And so with discernment and careful attention to my skins response as well as how I feel, I have come to build regular AM and PM skincare routines. 


While I never do the same routine everyday, I do practice somewhat similar routines depending on what my skin is asking for. And because the foods I eat, the amount of sleep I get, the level of stress I'm under and my hormones, like to keep life interesting, I am always looking at different ways to meet my skin where it's at. So I will introduce new things as needed, as I continue to learn about the vast vegan green beauty items out there.


Currently, I'm most excited about how I can extend my routines to further address my skin needs through supplemental things like masking in the AM and PM (a couple times a week), misting throughout the day, steaming, Gua Sha, and facial acupressure. I will share more about these really nice add-ons soon!


What I'm loving for my routines now:


AM Routine:


Red Flower Lymphatic Phytopower Sea Cleaner


Indie Lee CoQ10 Toner


True Moringa Lavendar Facial Oil Serum


Suntegrity 5 in 1 Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30


FitGlow Beauty Redness Rescue Cream (as primer)



PM Routine:


French Girl Cleansing Oil


Red Flower Lymphatic Phytopower Sea Cleanser 

Odacite Mint & Green Tea Mist


Kypris Moonlight Catalyst


Mahalo Rare Indigo Balm  or FitGlow Beauty Cloud Comfort Cream


Odacite Ba + S Eye Contour


Plume Science Serum



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