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The Source of Skin Health: You Are What You Absorb

September 16, 2017

For the longest time I thought that acne was just something that skincare could remedy. The more I have learned about green beauty and veganism, the more I am beginning to understand that there is so much more to it! After many visits with naturopaths and Chinese medicine docs the main threads that have come up regarding my skin breakouts involved what I was eating and what my hormones were up to.


I haven't always been super aware of what I ate until I was vegan. Having tried everything to prevent breakouts, I could stop thinking that maybe it was a food thing. So in a chat with my naturopath we talked about a blood test to look for food sensitivities, and since they don't have a test designed for vegans we did the vegetarian one. I''ll tell you what, it was a long 3 weeks until my results were back, kind of sort of obsessing over ingredients I imagined I would be sensitive to... but it's such an interesting eye opener once you learn this info!



When I thought I was doing a pretty good job at my diet, all vegan, no fried foods, little to no processed foods etc., genetics stepped in to teach me a bit of a lesson. Don't get me wrong, my results were "pretty good" given that I didn't many extreme sensitivities, but a couple foods did register as highly reactive so I should definitely steer clear of - so bye bye watermelon, eggplant, cane sugar, bakers yeast and a few others! As it turns out, foods that you eat in abundance as a kiddo can show up as a huge sensitivity later in adulthood.




Just as well, the levels of stress, sleep, and unknown hormonal imbalances can greatly impact skin health too,  so ,to be extra vigilant over the next few weeks I will be tracking (or trying to track) mood, sleep, and meals each day to see if there is a correlation somewhere. At least I'm learning things, and now know that the skin/gut microbiome is a neverending story for real. I'm not sure if I'm mad at my 30s for teaching me this or thankful. None the less, I'll see how things change with this new knowledge. If there are no significant changes my doc and I will move forward with doing a hormone blood test as well. It never hurts to know what your body is up to, and I'm mega determined to solve my skin mysteries!


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