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Serums Changed Everything

October 6, 2017

My obsession with skincare began at an early age. I remember somehow convincing my mom to get me the Clinique 3-step skincare system in middle school thinking there was no way I could use drugstore products on my face. How I knew about designer skincare at the time, I have no idea. But I did know, perhaps innately, that what I put on my skin mattered a great deal.


Today is no different. As my interest in vegan and cruelty free green beauty has taken over, my skincare regimen has moved from the 3 steps I took as a 12 year old, to the 6ish steps I now take in my 30s. The most revolutionary of those steps being serums…


You know that feeling when you discover something new and amazing and you quite literally don’t know what life was like before? Outside of bringing life into the world, my introduction to serums felt much the same. It was a double mind blow in that not only could I put oils on my skin in a way that would help my skin, but I could also layer and mix serums with other things like foundation and moisturizer. Whhhhat?! It absolutely changed everything I understood about makeup and skincare.


Serums could very well be the most powerful and versatile step in any skincare regimen. The various oils, seed oils, acids, and extracts I see in green beauty serums now pack a punch when it comes to all the ways your skin can benefit.  


And because there are so many brands out there doing great work around nontoxic skincare, there is something for every possible skin type. I am constantly falling in love with different serums that smell incredible and feel amazing both instantly and over time.


What’s truly impressive is the story behind some of the ingredients that natural brands carry. There are healing powers in many ancient plants from all over the world that we have access to, and it’s nothing short of incredible. And the work that many brands do to ensure that the oils they are sourcing for serums are beneficial, and sustainable, is not something to go unnoticed. Often times I will purchase from a brand because they have a powerful story in addition to an amazing serum.


Some of the serums I am in specific love with are:











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